Petals – Singapore 2016


Standard Flower Dome, Singapore, April 2016


If this flower is for sale, I’ll buy it with the same price like the flowers having full petals.

I’ve made a poem on the way to Malaysia after seeing this flower from the “Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore. Ticket is S$ 21 for one adult (non-local) and you can enter two of the sanctuaries of flowers and plants ( Standard Flower Dome + Cloud Forest ) – all is spectacular and well taken care of from the temperature until the infrastructure for the blooming garden in the middle of the city.

See ticket information here:



And some pictures from the Gardens!!

Lovely, lovely


There are different arrangements inside- a lot, according to the orientation of the plants


The singing Flowers!! Every 8:00 at night!!


Serenading you!! Super!


View from the top


I’m good in making awkward poses!!


View from the inside


And view from below


Now, here is the poem written from the heart..

Ever been torn? Ever been thrown?

Ever been broken like your petals have fallen?

Cheer up, baby, you’re one of us.
This world is not for coward, losers and shy

But for fighters and warriors shielding their cry.

Those things cannot defeat you – unless you allow

Like the rain showering the flowers – it might be harsh, somehow.

Build yourself up – and create a life of strength

You are your own hero and you are your own death –

Choose the life and the beauty inside you

Gather yourself together and those things – you can do!

Your petals might have been fallen, baby

But trust YOU – you’ll get through!


What is your story in the “Gardens by the Bay?”

See you in my next post love,


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  1. Hi K, your art of living encourages openness to the world of mysteries and surprises. It’s your open hand drawn circle, open to sunrise and sunset. Amazing and full of the power of hope which makes our dreams become true!

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