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English Centers Reviewed (Hai Phong City, Vietnam)


Stretching out our two-days off with some climbing adventures in Cat Ba Island Mountains, Hai Phong, Vietnam
So, you want to teach English in Hai Phong? Yes, you are in the right track! Lots of fun, adventures and new experiences are waiting for you here! Lovely students, spicy foods, backpackers, beaches and so on! Living in HP is more likely an ideal way of escaping the stressful world of cities and pollution while getting paid for the work you will love! I just made a few list of the possible English centers you will surely encounter plus some working conditions. Hope it will help you in some ways.
Good luck to your teaching career and I’m sure you are just one fly away of living your dream life!
Some of the English Centers in Hai Phong

*This is just a mere summary in accordance with my experience and with some people who worked here*
DTLC –  (Dong Tuan Language Center) English Teachers are coming and going every 6 months. They’ve got a contract for internships at this center. They are sent to public schools with $500/month payment for 22 hours of teaching per week. (Depends on your experience and qualifications, they sometimes pay $1000-1200/month) Accommodation, wifi, food (bfast) and transportation provided by DTLC. I have not heard anything good (quality of English Education and unfair treatment to the white teachers) from this center so if you are offered an internship here, better think twice. Well, you’ll meet other cool teachers here and adventure will begin as soon as you reached your destined area of teaching. A reason to digitally sign the contract. 
Shelton English Center – the area manager in Hai Phong is one of my friends, a real cool guy from South Africa. Shelton English has many centers all around the north of Vietnam. They have centers in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay (Quan Ninh) and Hai Phong. Professional Teachers are hired, salary is range from $1200-1800 for 22 hours of teaching per week, for public schools and private centers. I hope you’ll get hired in HP!! Fun! 
 Apollo English Center – one of the reputable centers in Vietnam. Teachers are native speakers and highly trained. Accommodations are not provided except for summer teachers. Working hours is 22-30 hours per week including Sundays. They don’t send you in public schools because children here are paying the highest tuition fee in town for learning English in the air-conditioned room. 
ILA Center – one of the pioneering English centers in the whole Vietnam. Professional Teachers (they accept nearly native as long as you look English and meet their qualifications) are welcome for a very competitive salary and benefits. This center has just arrived in Hai Phong not more than a year (2015) after gaining a prominence name in Saigon and the whole of Vietnam.
Paragon Language Center – one of the most trusted centers in HP. They are recommended by British Councils for IELTS Studies. They accept Filipinos (nearly native and willing to be trained for IELTS Program for Teachers). Salary depends on your experience and qualifications. Work usually starts in the late afternoon until evening. Almost all students here are passing IELTS examination. Kudos to Frank, my Kabayan Teacher here who is loved by all students for teaching passionately without reservation!
LET Center – (Living English Together) Boss and staffs are very friendly and helpful. They provide accommodations for your volunteer teaching (without payment) accreditation. This can be your first step for teaching in Hai Phong or in any other country. They accept everyone who wants to practice their teaching career. Visa will be arranged by LET. You have to pay for the volunteer teaching, usually lasts for two-three months. If you fall in love in Hai Phong or Vietnam, you can ask him (Mr Tung) for recommendations for which school or center you can be hired.
Kiwi Language Center – they accept anyone white and looking foreign. Teachers (unprofessionally trained) are paid for $1000/month for 22 hours of working per week. Totally corrupt and business related English Center. I feel pity for the lovely students whose continuing to study here because of their Co Oy (Teacher).
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4 thoughts on “English Centers Reviewed (Hai Phong City, Vietnam)”

  1. I cannot agree with you about the LET Center. Tung didn’t deal fairly with me. He promised to help me find work for the whole of June, but he didn’t keep his word. He was only interested in getting more English teachers from me. When I asked him about additional paid work, he couldn’t help me. I think he lied to me just so I’d stay during June, so he wouldn’t have to find another teacher for Vilaco. If he kept his word; I probably would’ve stayed in Haiphong.

    It was fun working with the other teachers, and I made some friends. I heard great things about Apollo though.

  2. Can’t disagree more about DTLC. They have always been great to me. I have no idea where you got the idea that teachers get paid 500 USD/month? My salary is 1500 USD/month. House is paid for, all my visas paid for, paid holidays, unpaid leave, national holidays, sick leave, flight reimbursement and only 80 hours/month. Might pay you to update your information!!

  3. DTLC has been a known crook since its inception and Shelton Development group will lie cheat and steal so fast that it will make your head spin! Avoid those language centers at all cost but after the Covid 19 pandemic, they may very well be out of business as they should be.

  4. DTLC is getting a bad rap here which is undeserved. They are still going strong during Covid19 and have been teaching at many public schools in and around HP for many years. I believe the most schools they’ve had is 50 which was just before the pandemic. DTLC will be around for many more years to come, and I wish them well. My time at DTLC was great, never had an issue with them.

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