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Marriage and The Elevator – Why are you asking?? 

Congratulations to just married Dat and Dhuong! My favourite Vietnamese’ couple

Vietnam, August 2015

In Vietnam and mostly in Southeast Asia, people prefer to marry at the young age of 21-25. Anyway, I will just share my marriage and elevator story, happened in Hai Phong City, Vietnam.

One night from teaching university students, I was at the elevator going up to my hotel room. The receptionist guy asked me “Where did you go?” And I was like “I just finished working”. In my irritation and fatigue, I asked him back “Why are you asking?”. He replied “I just wanna know”. After the awkward conversation, I waved good night and headed to my room.

One week after, I went home late but had a nice day talking with my young students about marriage. I went home happy and greeted this receptionist guy a lovely evening. He sent me at the elevator  and I realised that he is also looking young maybe he is married. I asked him, “Hey, are you married?” He answered “No… And why are you asking?” and I was like…”Oh yeah. Well, I just wanna know!”.

Funny stories from teaching and living abroad. What’s yours? 😊

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