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From Saigon to Ha Giang – Trudging the road from the south to the northest north of Vietnam. 

Xin Chao! Welcome to Vietnam!

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Saigon 2015

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A country full of stunning, historical places, genuine people, century-old culture and incredible foods!!!! Beaches, mountains, cities, temples, deep deep caves, jungles, small islands and all!

Here are the places you can include in your bucket list when thinking to see the land of the Viets!!

1. Saigon (Ho Chi Min) City

 The largest city and in the South of Vietnam. Crowded, especially with thousands of thousands of motorcycles. Best for party nights, western living, job hunting, multinational companies are here with a lot of expats working.

Attractions: The City Tour, Sky Tower for the highest view of Saigon, Historical Military Camp, Mekong Delta River and the sleeper bus on the way to Cambodia. 

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2. Phu Quoc

An isolated island from the South! It is 45 mins away from Saigon by airplane. We call it “honeymoon island” for a lot of lovers around the world are going here for fun adventures like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, yacht for sunset, fishing and bonfires. You can finish the road trip to Phu Quoc Island for one day, providing you rented the motorbike for $15/day and see the sun setting with a glass of Mojito. Fun fun fun!

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Phu Qouc 2015

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3.Da Lat

Southwest of Vietnam, it is a city known for having four seasons in a day! You can feel the spring in the morning, summer at noontime, fall before evening and winter at night time. Flowers here are blooming everywhere! Known for their super yummy noodles with seafood delicacy. You can enjoy the river, mountains, falls and hills. Activities like day-hikes to waterfalls and hills, planting a flower, rafting in the river, boating and fishing. 

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The good, The bad and Everything in between. 👌🏽

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4. Nha Trang

Known as the “Russian Territory”. From the hotel fonts until their very own international airport direct flight from Moscow. Variety of seafoods and western restobars – this is a little fancy place in Vietnam. Everything is expensive because they market Russian currency. Beach, motorbikes, boating, waterfalls, river and trekking to the beautiful mountains to see the magnificent Nha Trang in full view. 


“Beaching needs no filter” says Nha Trang, Vietnam,  October 2015

5. Hanoi – the Capital City of Vietnam

Also known as “hanoisy”. Enjoy your day by city tour through walking to the very much awake Vietnamese stalls because of the beep beep of motorbikes and foreigners everywhere. I guarantee, you will definitely love Hanoi like everyone else’s! Lots of English Teachers and foreign workers are here, also some Asian tourists partying hard before they go to the airport, drunk. Kidding. Beers must try: Bia Hoi, Bia Saigon and Bia Hanoi, of course served icy cold. Little chairs and tables on the side used for hotpots, bbq and other strange foods but super delicious!!! You can buy souvenirs and cheap clothes made in Vietnam. Drink a traditional Vietnamese coffee in front of Hoan Kiem Lake.

6. Hai Phong City

My favourite among all the cities of Vietnam. CLICK THE LINK —– for more info about this incredible place!

7. Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh)

One of the seven wonders of the world back in 2011. Ha Long Bay is the most quiet and serene place in Vietnam. Enjoy those hundred islands full of imaginative shapes while having a lunch at the roof top of your yacht. They also offer Hotel Yacht, so you can see the madness of the sun rise when you wake up.

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Halong Bay 2016

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8. Cat Ba Island

Another beach called paradise. Here you can have a tour by your very own motorbike in a day for $10. Be gorgeously tanned by following the sun by your very own itinerary like island hopping, treasure hunting in the parks, dayhike adventures and tent by night. Try their expensive seafoods, at least.

9. Sapa

One of Vietnam’s mountain provinces. Cold and foggy weather from the northeast of Hanoi, this is one of the most touristic places in Vietnam. Sapa is made up of mountains and rice terraces where the tribal people will ask you to experience a homestay with them instead of a hostel. Best to rent a motorbike to enjoy the view of the amazing landscape, handmade by the native mountainous people. Live bands, western foods, drinks and souvenirs are all expensive here. Be careful with the high prices from locals.

The most beautiful Sapa

10. Ba Be Lake

Reaching this Region, people are now different from other traditional Vietnamese. Sometimes you will encounter strange faces and smiles. Don’t ask me why – maybe because of poverty. Best for visiting caves and renting a kayak or create your own raft. Foods are served the way they want it. Please ask Trip Advisor for the recommended home stay and restaurants. Bicycling and fishing will also excite you.

download (15).png
Ba Be Lake around afternoon

Dong Van, Ha Giang, Meo Vac – the Road to almost-heaven for three traveling days. Hotels are available in between these places. Motorbike is applicable if you’re very adventurous and vibrant. Rented cars are much recommended because of the really shitty dust you will encounter along the way. It’s a mixture of rocky, edgy, sandy and dusty road. Seeing the view that is very near to China, is worth, worth it.

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Nothing comes easy. More on

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A lot, lot more is waiting for you!

Seeing the smiles of the people you will meet and how children are grateful when you give them cookies, you will realize that you are not the center of the universe. While all your problem is breaking up with your womanizing boyfriend, you will see one mother in the peak of the mountain carrying figs of trees with her children, unsure of what they will eat for dinner.

 Life is hard – yet it is worth living. Appreciate the beauty of what it gives everyday. Vietnam has simplified my life, also taught me that a $3 cigarette can feed a whole family for a day.

Have you been to Vietnam? Which places you go? Comments below! I’d love to read it!




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Faith and Failures. More on

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