My Days in Laos (Top 10 Things To Do in Vientianne)

Laos is one of the developing countries in South East Asia. This country is landlocked and mountainous, sharing the borders from Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Cambodia. Rivers and waterfalls, mountains and caves are the attractions we can find in Laos.
You can reach Laos by air or by land, crossing borders from its neighboring countries. I went to Laos from  Hanoi, Vietnam through a sleeper bus that takes 10 hours to reach the border.
Visa’s for Asean Countries is free for 14 days but UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and all other countries have to pay for 30-days Visa on arrival.
From the Vietnam-Laos border
Entering Laos through the mountainous area by bus, you can feel the quietness of the place. It is mysteriously silent through the very undeveloped pavements, fallen trees, balded hills and scattered houses. Green fields and coconuts, with very few carabaos and cows, goats and a naughty group of chickens crossing the street.
Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is just like another province of Thailand. They speak Laotian and they are called the same. More likely, their language (including letters) people, culture, and tradition came from the Mother dear Thailand.
Their traditional food, Khao Piak Sen (noodle soup) is found everywhere in Vientiane, from the street kiosks to the most expensive restaurants. Beers are Chang, Tiger and other imported alcoholic drinks. People are friendly but a little strange especially with foreigners, don’t ask me why.
Vientiane is a promising city filled with beautiful people and places. I recommend you to go to the provinces where waterfalls, rivers, and hills residing outside the city. Backpackers don’t stay at the city for long. They are found in the rural areas, making tents and building friends.
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Laos waterfalls, Luang Prabang

Anyway, here are the TOP 10 PLACES you can visit in Vientiane.

1. Buddha Park

It’s a well-maintained collection of Buddha statues inside a garden park.
Image result for buddha park laos

 2. Wat Si Saket Temple Garden

Another Buddhist Temple, very calm and serene
Image result for Wat Si Saket Temple Garden

3. Mekong Riverside Park

A sunset walk is a must to feel the ambiance of the whole Vientiane!
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4. Patuxai Vientiane Monument

Patuxai is a war monument in the centre of Vientiane, Laos, built between 1957 and 1968.
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5. Black Stupa 

This is an ancient, bell-shaped stupa believed to have once been protected by a 7-headed water serpent – according to Laotian Legend.
Image result for black stupa

6. Lao National Museum

Highlighting the Laotian people’s struggle to free the country from the foreign invaders!
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 7.  Motorbike stops at any local coffee shops!

Coffee is unsurprisingly strong. Pastries are remarkably sweeter than usual yet leave you speechless.


8. Reclining Buddha

Image result for vientiane laos golden buddha

 9. Foods!

Try their own noodles that has a very familiar taste, if you’ve been to Thailand and Vietnam. It’s called “Khao Piak Sen”. You can buy it anywhere in street eateries!

Image result for laos Khao piak sen

10. and Souvenirs

Handcrafted tales of clothes. Choose your style!

Image result for souvenirs laos\

Next thing you know, you’ll be heading to Laos’ Waterfalls that I’ve never gone yet! So, thanks for reading my post! Have you been to Laos?

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