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 Vietnam Transportation System 

Thinking of Vietnam is remembering the awestrucking, jaw-dropping and head-turning  way of transporting — goods and services — sometimes people — through the most resourceful, memorable, worth-capturing solutions they are capable of.

Hey baby, our fridge is coming!!

Come and see some of my (and my friends’) photos and together, let’s rock Vietnam!!!


Mirror Mirror not yet on the wall

My partner capture this guy holding the flat screen TV from their van going home from work.

Yo! I’ve got a flat screen TV!


From where we were is a coffee shop, then this guy came loudly and DANNNG! Tissues!

Yup and those pigs are still alive! 



“This is all?” he asked loudly!


My partner, Manuel captured this guys from the bus he’s in. Look at his head, though.

Watch your feet!!!
Honey, I’m home in 5!!?
Love this guy’s hair


And our friend, Leonardo from Brazil, captured this one from a long time ago.

…the most epic photo of all times!!!

Have you been to Vietnam? Did you capture some of their COOL transports? Share it! I’d love to see it! 


See you on my next post!






6 thoughts on “ Vietnam Transportation System ”

  1. OMG this looks hilarious and maybe a little scary too, although I’m sure they know what they are doing 😉

  2. Oh my goodness I love this post thats such a funny round up! These people are incredible drivers because I would crash half the time if i was doing it! The last one with the cow is just surprising ahah!

  3. These photos are unbelievable! It’s absolutely amazing what they can carry on a motorbike. I wonder there are many accidents. I do feel really sorry for the animals though.

  4. Mind boggling isn’t it? I can’t even carry a passenger without losing control of my motorbike, let alone carrying home furnishings or farm animals! 😀

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