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“You’re so Gucci, Singapore”

I have a friend from California – and that’s her expression every time she is seeing something fancy. Having been in Singapore for a week, yes I can now use this term, too!

Flying from Vietnam to Singapore takes 3.5 hours. Come, join me and let’s  experience the other side of life from the Hua Xi Ha motorcycles to Ferrari’s!!


Arriving at the Chang Gi International Airport, we bought a 3-day Tourist Train Ticket from the train station. Train is fast, on-time and highly in-demand. Greatly commendable for it’s colourful detailed train connection! Easy to read for hippies, so darling, never ask the busy Singaporeans to where is the China Town located.

The highly-maintained Singapore International Airport
Tourist Ticket for $30 – 3- day pass.

The City is fully awake, all day, all night. Prepare your pocket for the most expensive draft beer ($12-15 Marina Bay area) you will have!

Meet Merlion –  the country’s national symbol. Its name combines “mer” meaning the “sea” and “lion”. The fish body represents Singapore’s origin as a fishing village. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name—Singapura—meaning “lion city”.

Mythical creature  half-lion half-fish Merlion at night
Marina Bay Area can recommend you few backpackers hostels, start from $35 above per night. One I recommend is Hotel Princess 88 or hostels near China Town, for they are good and quality hostels offering good deals. And hey – only if you are saving money but if you want a fine luxury you can treat yourself at Mandarin Oriental, Holiday Inn, Fullerton Hotel or with Sir Raffles and of course – the Marina Bay Sands!

We went first at Marina Bay area to see the spectacular arts made by the students from Singapore. Lights, electricity, paintings and a lot, lot more. Combined with technology and science, the wall can copy your image in a blink of an eye and imitate you moving. Indescribable, alive and vibrant, that is Singapore.


Then, we decided to go to the Gardens by the Bay (I have made another writing about the Gardens, see my Petals’ post) and were amazed by all flowers from the stadium in the middle of the city! Stunning especially at night, where the flowers will serenade you and bring you nostalgia!


Man-made waterfalls at the Cloud Forest. Terrific!

Then we headed to the ever so famous Sentosa, wherein we pay S$75 (adults) each to see Dory and thousand of fish’ species, casinos, walking trails, jellyfish dance, cable cars and some people who believe they are flying inside a big gym. Hats along the road and some asian-cute things can be bought for S$25-50 each, according to the designs and sizes.

And so – him again! Hello there!


Singapore Ocean Park 

The “star” fishes
Some ARTS to refresh your mind after the dancing fishes

Cable Car

Prices of Cable Cars – standard price roundtrip is S$33 for adult  and S$22 for a child. You can also select from various packages they offer and with surprises!

From Sentosa, you can also take a look at the Universal Studios and pay a bit more. We did not go there for some reasons – it’s more of a kiddie adventures we say – like the Ocean Park. Now I know where to bring my Xristus and Liam next time.


We dined in at Raffles Hotel and knew about the historical man (Sir Thommas Stammford Raffles, British statesman) who founded – Singapore. Now, the hotel named after him is a modernized classic high class structured – combined with some elite shops like Rolex and restaurants – that made this place very expensive — yes it is. You can dine  and have a sip of coffee here for S$30 (soo nay).

Raffles’ Courtyard

Then we tried street foods in China Town – the best place to buy souvenirs for good deals and fair prices!!

After street foods,  we headed up (train plus bus or taxi) to Night Safari – 45 mins away from the city center. It is open from 6 – 12mn. You can go trekking or – there’s a always a ride inside. Commendable for kids but put a lot of mosquito repellent.

Trek to an hour and a half or ride the very comfortable vehicle .
There’s a show at 9pm – if you wanna see it.


We trekked first then ride to the vehicle in the middle of our tour. The darkness made it interesting, the flashlight of the kids and some lovely insects biting you. First animal kingdom I am satisfied with the obvious great care treatment (the animals face’ look healthy and their skins are shiny) and clean environment. Kudos!

“What is Singapore without shopping” saying is absolutely true! Unsurprisingly, Louis Vuitton has her own island here. The people here keeps on walking day and night – no wonder Singapore is the leading business country in the whole Asia – it might not have even its own water (they’re getting from their dearest sister, Malaysia, what I’ve heard) no agricultural resources – but they are two times developed more than the 7, 107 Island Philippines and other richly agricultural countries! Its resource is its people — those industrious and highly productive people.

Your very own, lady

Finally, after a week (or even days) of non-stop walking (awesome), I and everybody can say that Singapore is a high promising, obviously impressive country. Competitive economic system, Vision-driven government and citizens, incomparable productivity, creative technology and science, (very) hardworking people, efficient business establishments and power production, international standard education, high speed transportation, state of the art machinery, commendable comfort of lifestyle and services, and a lot, lot more. It’s so fancy yet it remain as humble as their tradition and roots, local and foreign workers are valued, great time and space management in general terms, very welcoming country and the  safest,  cleanest and the most secured roads from among its neighboring countries.

I am so goooood in making awkward poses!

Thank you for reading my Singapore Story.  What’s yours?

See you next time!


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