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Top 10 Things to Do in Eisenach

Eisenach is a small town in the state of Thuringia, on the Eastern side of Germany. You will visit Eisenach not only because of its preserved ancient attraction but because of the town’s glorious history from Martin Luther to J.S Bach!

I’ve been to Eisenach last December 2013 and here are some places I highly recommend.

Let’s start!

1. Wartburg Castle 

This is where Martin Luther translated the Bible into the German Language. It is seated on the top of the hill above Eisenach, its one of the most taken picture in Germany.

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Weimar 2015

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2. Lutherhaus

The beautifully preserved house where Martin Luther stayed when he studied in Eisenach in his teenage years. It is now called “Luther Museum”. 

3. Bachaus

The birth house of Johaness Sebastian Bach, a famous composer, where all his musical instruments, compositions and exhibit of the Bach Family resides. The house is over 600 years old!

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Johannes Bon Sebastian. ♥♥♥♥

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4. Predigerkloister

13th-century cloister where J.S. Bach attended school!

5. The Marktplatz

 Market square with the Georgenkirche (Church of St. George)

6. Thuringian Foods

Every state of Germany has their own delicacies, here, they call it “Thüringer Klöße”!

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7. The Tinyhouse

The narrowest inhabited house in Germany!! 6ft and 8 inches wide!! Unbelievable!

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8. Nikolai Church 

One of the few remaining city gates in Germany for others were demolished back in the 19th century.

9. Christmas Markets

You can have hot wine, grilled sausages and other German foods, buy some cute Christmas figurine and presents.

10. Shops and Souvenirs

What’s visiting a town without a little remembrance? Go to the famous Crown Spiel and  Souvenir!

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Fascinating, isn’t it? There are more other cities in Germany that are truly heart-capturing and worth-knowing!

Come and stand by with me as we stop on my next blog: Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin!!!



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Winter 2015, Berlin

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  1. Wow! Your writing style has definitely improved! Are you considering travel writing? I think you’d be great at it. You’ve even sparked my interest in visiting this city.

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