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Top 10 Things You Can Do in Munich, Germany

Welcome to the home of the real Oktoberfest and BMW, MUNICH – it’s one of the main attractions in Europe despite being one of the most expensive cities. Travelers to Munich are absolutely stunned by the quality of the architecture from medieval ages to modern innovation!

We visited Munich last October 2016 and here are the Top 10 Things I recommend best!


1. English Garden 

The chill-out zone – from people watching to mastering the latest craze of slacklining fun of surfing the river!

download (12).png




2. Nymphenburg Palace

The palace was the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria before it became a democratic state in 1949. 

download (8).png


3. BMW Welt (BMW World)

A car collection point and themed attraction unlike any other in the world, BMW Welt brings this prestigious brand to life.



4. Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site will give you a heavy heart from Germany’s dark past. Click the link for my writing about this article.



5.  Partnachklamm

80M above, one of Germany’s wonders in the south of Munich.



6. Marienplatz: Central Square and Landmark Buildings

Explore the city walk and shopping! And hey!  Watch out for the clock that dances every hour! 


7. German Museum

Munich boasts the world’s largest science and technology museum, which features a wide range of technological marvels, experiments and much more besides!


8. Allianz Arena

Bavarians are crazy about their boys, Bayern Munich. Hail for those football fans, this is the place of 75,000 people for the big game!



9. Oktoberfest

Munich is Germany’s beer capital – and the Oktoberfest is a byword for beer all over the world.

download (7).png


10. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was actually the inspiration for the Disney’s Castle. This castle which King Louis XII inhabited for only three months!



Stunning, historical, superb — Munich in my own words! Have you been to Munich? How is your experience? Comments below!


Love and Kisses from the overpass in Munich,


10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things You Can Do in Munich, Germany”

  1. I been to Germany loads of times but Munich is one of those places I haven’t touched yet. Didnt even know it had a English Garden there. As I am interested in World War history, I visit to the death camp is a must for me, to pay my respects and live the experiences of those who suffered and pass on the message that this must not happen again.

  2. Germany is still on the long travel wish list. We have transited through Munich but have not stopped yet. Thanks for the list of things we might see. It did not really dawn on me until reading this that BMW comes from there. I wonder if they have a driving course there too? The central square looks absolutely charming. I am sure the towers would provide great panoramic views! And who can go to Germany and not visit a castle or two. The Neuschwanstein Castle would be a great bet!

  3. Munich has such a lot to see. I have been, but to sing in a choir at the Frauenkirche – and we didn’t get a chance to see anything much of the city itself. I do remember the English Garden – but probably only because of the name! Neuschwanstein Castle looks stunning so I am sad we missed that

  4. Have not made it to Munich yet, but would really love to visit. I didn’t know it is home to the world’s largest science and technology museum. That must be so much fun to visit. The BMW museum is something I’d to see as well. I jumped over to read your Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site visit and was saddened and left with a heavy heart. Even though it is a negative stain in Germany, it is important that it is never forgotten. Thanks for including it on the list.

  5. Never been to Munich, and this made me want to plan a trip right away. I want to see the concentration camp but Im probably going to feel very emotional, too.

  6. Loving the varied attractions of Munich. The castles are definitely on my list as is that gorgeous Partnachklamm. The concentration camp can be depressing but I think that my visit to Munich will be incomplete if I don’t do it. Love the list

  7. I didn’t know about these attractions at all. Surfing the river sounds so fun. I have a friend who lives in Munich and she always tells me I should go there. After reading your piece I think I should give it a visit 🙂

  8. Such a concise list of wonderful things to do in Munich. I want to see Neuschwanstein Castle, so what if I have seen it once before. Surfing the river would be the next thing I would want to do before.

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