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What Traveling Has Taught Me

You’re in a flight back home – excited to see who’s in the airport to fetch you or who’s at home by the time you arrive!

It’s a delightful feeling to share all your stories – and reflect on your travels. One week is going to be a tough schedule! Your obligatory meeting up with friends, drinking nights, family gatherings, dinner out – full of selfies and vibrant conversations. You go to tell them what you’ve been through, what you’ve seen, what you’ve learned..

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Then.. being home after a while, all of those will subside. Your excitement will deteriorate – and finally, you will feel like a stranger in your own town. It’s not because nothing has changed in your old same pillow – but because you have been CHANGED into someone new… Congratulations, you have been transformed by the best teacher in the world.. Traveling.


It was only through taking that very first step and allowing your thoughts to be changed by the process, that you will realize that the world had so much more to offer — and that you have more than enough to give back in exchange.

Being attached to any other place rather than your home – is the strangest feeling on earth. I guess that’s why some people never come back once they leave. They have accepted the call they were made for – to quench the thirst for learning – for growing – and changing – every time. Their definition of beauty is nonetheless beyond measure from the stagnant, complacent, undiscovered life.


Being home to a foreign country where you speak their language – will be the reason why you want to leave again... A language which is not Spanish, not English, not Chinese – the language your friends know nothing about – it is not a high-paying career, engagements, cars, and children… but that language where you understand what it’s like to change, grow, experience, learn and truly live –

Traveling will teach you how to be grateful – and regretful. You will realize how much $5 mean to other people – and how it’s like to have it not. You will meet people who wanted to be like you – realizing your sense of value. Regretful because of some chances you’ve wasted.. Believe me, when I say, you will remember everything from your childhood to now – when you’re in the long bus ride, airport stopovers going to your destination. Past hurts, broken relationships, resentments.


Traveling will turn your world upside down. Your perception will change, you will see people in a different way, your dreams will be replaced and new things will become important to you. You want everyone to recognize this and you want to share and discuss it, but there’s no way to describe the way your SPIRIT EVOLVES the day you’ve decided to purchase a plane ticket to the unknown..



The most meaningful way to make more of your life is to become aware of what’s out there, to expand your definition of what’s possible — to see life to its truest, purposeful form – and that’s what traveling has taught me that nobody has ever taught about…

What is the best thing you’ve learned from traveling?



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