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Our Jungle Adventure in Malaysia 

Taman Negara is located in Pahang, Malaysia and is the oldest tropical rainforest aging 130 million years old!! It is offering a full-blown eco-escapade experience to outdoor lovers!

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Anyway, we had a blast during our 3D2N adventure in the Jungle of Taman Negara. Here’s sharing the chronicles of our experiences during our little escapade:


1st Day, 1st Night 

  • We went to Teman Negara by bus from Kuala Lumpur via Jerantut, the nearest city town. After a bus stop to eat our lunch in Jerantut, we were fetched by a van to our guesthouse with other tourists. It was fun especially meeting other people who love daring adventures, too!
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  • Welcome dinner and Jungle Night Walk. It’s fun especially getting to know other travelers within the group. We walked from 8pm to 11pm in the middle of the dark jungle – we saw some big tarantulas and tapir everywhere!

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2nd Day, 2nd Night

  •  After breakfast, we went to 380M trek! It was a little steep so better to wear hiking shoes! We went to 40M above the ground canopy! It was so exciting and scary because of the stony hill!

  • We went boating and afternoon swimming

  • Then, we waited until night to a boat safari in this river full of buffalos!
Night Safari on a boat

2nd Day, 3rd Night

  • The last day of the Jungle Program – we went to caves with our tour guide. It has a narrow entrance and he keeps on telling us to be watchful because of snakes and wild pigs. Also, some black bears hiding. 

  • We also had a chance to visit the untouched tribe of Malaysia in the afternoon. These people are open for tourist visits because this is one way of them earning a living. They have their own civilization here – beliefs, foods, religion which is not Malaysian. They aren’t even registered as a citizen of this country, even no benefits of having power at night.


  • We went to Jerantut by boat for a two-hour ride. Indeed, it was a different adventure – a true jungle life. Going home, I realized that diversity is beautiful – just like Taman Nagara.


Have you ever been any Jungle Adventures? What are your experiences? 




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6 thoughts on “Our Jungle Adventure in Malaysia ”

  1. I was excited about the Jungle Night Walk until the tarantula part, scary! That cave looks huge. I would love to visit the tribe and interact with them. I am surprised they are not even registered as citizens

  2. The night walk sounds like fun, except I could do without seeing tarantulas! Cool to be seeing tapirs everywhere… Sounds like you had many awesome adventures!

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