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Legoland Malaysia, Xristus’ 7th Birthday Blast!!!!

It’s my first son’s 7th birthday and we wanted to give him a remarkable birthday party. He decided that he wanted to go to Legoland, Malaysia – and it was truly an exceptional more-than-a-party birthday experience – ever!



LEGOLAND INTERNATIONAL THEME PARK and WATERPARK  is located in Johor, Malaysia.  It’s 50.2 KM from Singapore (about 55 mins) but 328.8 KM (about 4-5 hours by bus) from Kuala Lumpur. Yes, it is located on the provincial side of Malaysia that is basically nearer coming from Singapore.


Legoland is made out of 50 Million Lego Bricks to it’s 15, 000 Lego Characters! You can either avail the waterpark or theme park (or both).  See the ticket price here

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You can reach Legoland from Singapore (or from Kuala Lumpur) by bus, train, taxi or a private car. We went by a private car for S$100 (USD 75) from Singapore. Click here to see prices

I am not really a big fan of Lego’s but I was absolutely amused by the detailed and concrete handcrafted Lego Bricks!

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     do you know what LEGO means? It’s actually PUTTING TOGETHER!!

At the entrance of the Legoland, you will be given a map with five different sections. Each section has different styles which are educational, family-friendly and fun-filled environment!

So, let’s start the journey!

1. Lego Technic

Most activities here are action-thrilled full of rides with twists and turns like this 18M high Roller Coaster ride from the Project X! Is your 8-year old ready for an exhilarating ride? For safety reasons, kids below 120cm should be accompanied by an adult. Don’t forget to drop by at the Techni Twister, too!

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                                      LEGO characters are everywhere, you can’t help but take pics of the perfectly crafted bricks!



 I was captured by the medieval times in this second section, Lego Kingdom! The knights, swords and castles will make you feel you’re travelling back to the middle ages – plus the music will accompany you throughout the way! There are also rides inside this kingdom – so let your young warriors’ journey, BEGINNN!!!




Welcome to the world of learning, creativity and fun! This is my favourite section among all because you will see that the kids will be truly engaged! 4D Cinema shows, thrilling rides and LEGO building competition! The tricky part: With other kid-travellers around the world, you can see how much you made your kid. Can she wait in a long queue? Can she play equally with other players? Only you can tell!


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Welcome to the land of ancient Egypt! 




Your kids can learn the real traffic-circuit system if you enrol them in the Driving School in this area! There is also a driving license (not valid outside LEGOLAND) to acquire at the end of the driving session so don’t miss the fun of seeing them trailing to another achievement! Bruuuuuum!

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        They can also play like a real fireman, rescuing a virtual fire incident!



It takes two years to build this MINI ASIA with 50 different nationalities – so don’t belittle it!!

KL’s Twin Tower, Singapore’s Merlion and Myanmar’s Kandawgyi Place are also here. The miniatures are perfectly dedicated to mirroring the iconic structures of each Asian countries. Very genius!

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The day is almost done when you’ll reach this place, I bet. Your kids can calm down from the best day of their life so far – and learn some different countries and their points of pride, too. Maybe your kid can tell you where he wants to go next.



When I looked at my son’s smile after our exhausting adventure, I told myself that this is one of the PRICELESS moments of my life. I wish he could always wear that smile that no LEGO company could ever build.

How much do you like LEGOLAND? I appreciate your comment below!

Thanks for dropping by!




13 thoughts on “Legoland Malaysia, Xristus’ 7th Birthday Blast!!!!”

  1. I didn’t know there were other Legolands until today!! I’ve been to the one in San Diego, California many many times with my friend’s kids, but I’m glad there’s more for other kids around the world. Your son looks like he had an absolute BLAST, and I hope you did too! No reason adults can’t have just as much fun 😉

  2. Legoland is really incredible, 50m legos? WOW. Miniland looks very cool. I liked how there were major attractions from different countries in Asia.

  3. I am definitely impressed! We have never been but I didn’t realize that there was one in Malaysia. I love the details and creativity that go into each of these massive structures. It looks like your son had an amazing time! I would love to take my children there someday!

  4. I didn’t realize that there was a LEGOland in Malaysia! We took our kiddos to the LEGOland resort in Florida, USA and my kids didn’t want to leave! Their favorites were Kingdoms and Lego City. My favorite was Miniland. I bet your son had the best time!

  5. Its really amazing to see what all can be built by legos. Used to play a lot with Legos when I was a kid, and am sure a visit to Legoland, will bring out the child in me. Having said that, LegoLand looks like an amazing family getaway attraction.

  6. Legoland in Malaysia looks great place to visit. I have visited Legoland in Dubai and really it is great place to see millions of Lego bricks and 15000 Lego characters. Land of adventures looks fun and adventurous. Driving sessions at Lego city is nice way to teach children all traffic rules and driving from young age.

  7. Love this! I’m a big kid at heart and even though I would never think to go to Legoland, this looks so cool! I can’t decide which area looks best – Land of Adventures, Lego Kingdom, it all looks so much fun and so immersive. Bet your little one had a blast 🙂

  8. interesting amusement park. The kid seems to have totally enjoyed his trip..the smile says it all 😀 The mini asia looks beautiful and the TajMahal looks so intricate. Thanks for introducing us to this Lego land !

  9. This is a really great piece not only for kids but also for adults. I love the castle of the Lego Kingdom. I’d love to see how they made the Taj Mahal too. Such an amazing place

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