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Top 10 Things To Do in Manila

Manila is the Philippines’ Capital City – and before you go to Palawan or Boracay for Scuba Diving, you can stop here for a day or two and see what our city can also offer you!

Disclaimer: This blog talks all part of greater Manila or Metro Manila. If you’re a foreigner, it’s better to use GrabTaxi (download a GrabApp) to avoid the drama of bargaining with a taxi driver and roam around the suggested places in Metro Manila.  Best time to go to Manila January – May for a cotton-candy like sunsets and warm weather (37-39’C).


 1. The A Venue Parking Area, Makati City

When my partner first visited me in the Philippines last 2015, I brought him here – and guess what? It became our yearly tradition to go in this place and now together with our foreign friends along with their friends! It’s an area filled with bbq, beers and fresh coconuts – with a live band every day from 6-11PM – and heads up for the ladies, there is a thing called “tiangge” or kiosks that sell clothes, shoes, and bikinis for a cheap price!

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2. Art Island in Quezon City

Who doesn’t love art? Well, in art island, you will be amazed by the illusion of each painting brings!

3. Carnival Food Park, Marikina City

Filipinos looooooove to eat! Try this Food Theme Park! Opens at 4pm til midnight!

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4. Fort Santiago and/in Intramuros, Old Manila

 See and read the history of our National Hero Dr Jose Rizal, who led the Philippine Freedom 120 years ago!

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5. Luneta Park, Old Manila

With an aerial view of the Philippine Map, capture the moment together with the dancing lights at sunset! It’s one of the most important places in Manila for this is where our Dr JP Rizal was gunned down by the Spaniards.

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6. Mall of Asia Bay, Pasay City

One of the biggest mall in the Philippines. Walk beside the bay and family park behind this huge ark mall! Enjoy the live bands and coffee, people and boat rides.

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7. China Town, Old Manila

The ever first China Town in the world (1594) where you can buy cheap fruits, eat authentic Chinese noodles and some fry bugs!

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8. Venice McKinley, Taguig City

Our mini romantic place inspired by Venice, Italy! See it at night and eat a romantic dinner in the elegant restos around!

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9. BGC, Taguig City

Looking for that branded shoes? Shop all your might here at Bonifacio Global City! Or roam around and be surprised by so many activities hanging around like wall climbing (Market Market)!

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10. 71 Gramercy at Makati City

Well, this lifestyle is the hang out of the rich and famous. Why not try it for a night and feel like a celebrity? You will have a beautiful skyline of this modern city of ours while zipping your cocktail!

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Are there some places in Metro Manila you want to recommend? Comments below! Cheers!



11 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do in Manila”

  1. What amazing places! I did have to scroll back up when I saw the photo of that rope bridge – I was quite convinced for a second. I love the mini Venice too!

  2. We have never been to the Philippines so looked forward to reading this post on Manila. The Art Island in Quezon City certainly looks like a unique spot to visit. Old Manila will definitely be a stop for us. Maybe a tour by horse and carriage. Certainly looks like we could spend a few days there before we head off to find some scuba diving!

  3. Manila certainly has a good blend of historic sights and modern distractions. The history is unique and intriguing. I didn’t know there was a mock Venetian attraction at Taguig City! it looks a bit like The Venetian in Macau.

  4. Manila looks like its a got a lot of history behind it and this interests me when visiting Asian cities. The islands are top of my Asian bucket list to go and hope I can do some of these sights when I get to Manila soon.

  5. I went to apply for the Philippines Visa just today. I hope I will get my visa and have a chance to visit the country in November. To be honest, we wanted to skip Manila, but it seems like a fun place. I really like to check the art island and Venice part

  6. On my stop over I actually tried to avoid Manila as much as possible since I was not that it is not so safe. I must say that during 24 hours I still got to see a lot and I felt OK, but there is much more to do! Like Makati….I must come there again, thanks for detailed post.

  7. I wasn’t a huge fan of Manila. I just didn’t feel very safe there and it was horrible just trying to get around anywhere because of the constant traffic. But I wish I’d known about a few of the places like the Little Venice and that art island. Both look interesting.

  8. I had no idea this was what Manila was like! It looks so fun especially the A Venue Parking Area and the Art Island in Quezon City. I can’t believe there is a mini Venice, so funny! The sky line must be beautiful at night and everything you have suggested looks good, I just need to go to Manila now!

  9. There is so much to see and experience in Manila. Usually Manila gets overshadowed by the exotic islands and the gorgeous beaches of the Philippines. But it is a nice destination in its own right. Love the look of the Art island and the spectacular illusions.

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