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Top 10 Things To Do in Macau with Kids

I want to compare MACAU to a fine young lady, who, in her grandeur, wears the world’s most expensive pieces of jewelry – magnifying the significance of the city’s high-end material brilliancies and parading the extravagant, luxurious lifestyle – that is Macau for me,

“The Asia’s Las Vegas”


From Hong Kong, we took a ferry for forty-five minutes and DAAAANG! Welcome to Asia’s Casino Island! We went there with there with our two kids – it sounds weird (Children and casino??) but it worked! Here are the things we did during our 4D 3N stay!


      1. Grand Lapa Macau

Our ultimate home for three nights. With kids, enjoy the leisure and comfort your hotel brings! 

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2. The Venetian

Take your kids here to see the resemblance of the famous Venice, Italy’s Grand Canal. Heads up for moms, a lot of branded shops are here but take note that the price is nearly doubled – or tripled. 

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3. Mount Fortress

This is the main military defense of Macau from the Dutch invaders from 16th century. It’s interesting to know that this little island (30sq KM approx) has a lot of invaders! Singapore, for instance, is 25 times bigger than Macau!

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4. Wynn Hotel’s Lightshow

In Macau, you can reach everywhere by walking (and a baby stroller). Going inside the Wynn Hotel and Casino is not possible because of our kids, but we enjoyed the beautiful radiance of light show outside this marvelous hotel!

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5. The Ruins of St. Paul

This 15th Century Church of St Paul was completed in 1637. However, a violent typhoon hit Macau in 1835 and for the third time, it was ruined again leaving its glory a history. They never rebuild it anymore. Today, it’s one of the most famous attractions in Macau with its past ruins.

6. Walking at the City

In any places we go, we always love to walk around the city center and observe the uniqueness of every culture!


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7. The Parisian

This iconic Eiffel Tower in Macau is half of the size of the real one! A tourist attraction and famous landmark but in reality, it’s a hotel, casino, and mall all in one huge building!


8. Eating Macanese Food

And of course, pay respect to the country you’re at by tasting their food!

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9. Galaxy Hotel and Casino

I’ve never seen a building as ambitious, dignified and magnificent as this! Polished with white-and-gold, this is how Macau welcome their tourist gamblers! Anyway, there’s a lot of activities to do inside here, like an interactive playground and dazzling diamond shows!

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and restaurants 🙂

10. Taipa Village

This is Macau without casinos – reserved, quiet and reflective. Remembering the good old days here in Old Taipa Village with your kids. Treat them with local ice cream bars for walking. 





Have you been to Macau? What are the places you can recommend?

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Do in Macau with Kids”

  1. We are heading to China in the fall with a week in Hong Kong. We were thinking about a visit to Macao. This post certainly helped us to make up our minds. The casino hotels certainly are interesting even if you don’t gamble. A visit at night would be a great idea to see the Wynn Hotel’s light show. I did not know there was an Eiffel Tower in Macau. Thanks for the introduction to Macau.

  2. Great activities for kids, but I think if I do visit Macau I would also visit the places you recommended. I would definitely want to check out The Venetian, the Ruins of St. Paul, try the Macanese food and walk around the city.

  3. This is great. I’m currently in Las Vegas, USA and seeing the similarities between Macau and Vegas is stunning. I’m quite surprised to see the Eiffel tower replica and the Venetian as well:) It truly is the Las Vegas of Asia as you described it. Good to see the options for kids. Just like in Vegas, there is more to the city than gambling! Great article.

  4. Fantastic recommendations to keep children active in Macau. I went to Macau a few years ago and loved it. I think a hike up Gaia hill would wear them out a bit more just to see the lighthouse at the top 😀

  5. Macau looks so interesting! I thought it was just the Asian Las Vegas, but I like how there is some history there and the old Macau streets to visit. But I would still like to stay in one of the fancy hotels!

  6. Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, is high on my wish list. Being a father of two years old kid, I find this article apt. Truly you have given me many more reasons to visit Macau. Loved the Venetian – sheer grandeur. Didn’t know that Macau has one fortress also. It looks as if Macau is a world in itself.

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