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Prost, Manila! Oktoberfest 2018

The German Club Manila  presented the 80th Celebration of the Oktoberfest in Manila 2018, in Solaire Resort and Casino dated October 4,5 and 6, 2018 from 6pm to 2am! I was one of the fortunate earthlings (let’s say) to attend this festive and here’s sharing to you the chronicles of what happened during the 3-day celebration!


I attended here not because of the beers and wild party but because of the vibe and camaraderie! Plus, my partner Manuel, is a German, too. So, along with his colleagues here in the Philippines, we reserved our ticket to get ready to say “Proosssssssttttttt! (cheers) to a great night!


FACT: Oktoberfest is GERMANY’s 204-year-old tradition that wasn’t originally a BEER FESTIVAL. The first Oktoberfest was held to honour the marriage of the Royals Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810.


Going to the Oktoberfest, you’ll feel the upbeat spirit of each people especially the hoststhe band and your neighbour table. Everybody is happy and literally “Today is such a beautiful day” that’s why you have to know how to dance the “Fliegerlied” entitled  “So ein schöner Tag” when you’re going to OKTOBERFEST.


The Solaire Tent is 2,400 SQM – enough to hold hundreds of people – we went to the fest on the second day  and believe me it was spacious enough to dance with the whole crowd, kudos to Solaire Resort and Casino!

The program was very organised. The introduction and the opening remarks from the President of the German Club Manila, Mr Tobias Rast and of course, from the German Ambassador. Followed by a live band, games and raffles, including the two-way ticket flight to Germany!

45890765_10213091966682913_3535658210968993792_o.jpgThe program was short but sweet – you’ll never get enough of jokes and songs! (English and German could it be) brought to you by the 12-man band called Bavarian Sound Express from Germany!

Hallo from the beautiful lead singer of the Bavarian Sound Express

The food is included to the price we’ve paid (P4,500 each – USD 83). We arrived at the table with some pretzel displays (edible). The foods served are completely Bavarian – from appetisers to Bavarian Apple Strudel – and it’s unlimited, baby!

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In the real Oktoberfest in Munich, all the beers served must only be made in Bavaria. Here in Manila, we cheered to one of the oldest breweries in WORLD that made that made it to the Philippines, Weihenstephan! 


We stayed in the Festival until 1am – the experience was just very overwhelming, showcasing Germany’s culture and tradition through the entertainments, songs, foods and beers. Seeing the people in the tent made me realise that people really, no matter if you’re the CEO of your company or just a passive observer like me, we are all equal. We all just need the basics in life: eat, pray, love and ROCK AND ROLL!


So, Manila, are you now excited to a better, bigger and more rocking  OKTOBERFEST 2019? Well, stay tuned because you might just missed a “So ein Schöner Tag” in your life.

One more thing: don’t forget to smile there and remind the Germans “Why so serious?” next time —- Ha Ha Ha! (Just another joke from a woman in Drindl)



9 thoughts on “Prost, Manila! Oktoberfest 2018”

  1. This looks like it was just SO MUCH FUN!! I would have loved to win the two-way flight ticket to Germany, so cool. Did you love to dance the “Fliegerlied”? 🙂

  2. Cool story. I love the idea of Manila Oktoberfest. it makes about as much sense as celebrating Chinese New Years in Berlin. I love the cultural exchange and seeing everybody dressed in costume and eating foreign food. Super cool.

  3. Had no idea that Manila holds an Oktoberfest, celebrating this German tradition! How fun! Looks like you had such a lot of fun, meeting and spending time with great people and enjoying the activities!

  4. What a crazy mix of cultures and globalisation. Oktoberfest in Manilla!! It looks like such a laugh and everyone was really embracing spirit of the event with everyone dressed up for the occasion 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun. The place is packed and everyone just looks so happy and probably, buzzed!! Love the idea of cultural celebrations around the world – Manilla for Octoberfest, nice! Good to know Octoberfest wasn’t originally a beer fest. I’ll win the next trivia game. Good times…thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the outfits – you all look so authentically German! I love that there is an Octoberfest in Manilla – bringing the German love to the Philippines! That food looks incredible – I adore the meat-heavy cuisine of Germany.

  7. Looks like such a fun celebration! Did not know that Manila also has oktoberfest festivities. Love your motto – eat, pray, love and ROCK AND ROLL! Your outfit looks amazing btw!

  8. This party looks like an interesting party. I can imagine how much fun you had. I love the outfits. It brings German vibes to Asia and specifically to the Philippines

  9. What a party to remember! The best part about the Oktoberfest is the traditional German costume. That makes all the difference, setting a festive / cultural tone to an otherwise fun-centric festival.

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