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TOP 10 Things To Do in Bohol

Liam’s (my second son) grandparents came to Manila on his 1st Birthday – but before his big day, we had a wonderful time in Bohol, Philippines. How to enjoy Bohol in 3 days? I asked myself.

Behold………. BOHOL told me how!


10. Enjoy the blue beaches

Ours was at Kaylaa Beach Resort. Friendly English speaking staffs, great local and international foods being served, pool and beachfront rooms, a wonderful place to be.


9. See the beauty of Chocolate Hills

The chocolate hills  are no less than 1268 hills in total They are very uniform in shape and mostly between 30-50 M high. They are covered with grass, which, at the end of the dry season, turns chocolate brown. (But now, it’s mint flavoured, lol)

8. Go Snorkeling!

Because why not see the beauty of Bohol under the sea! (yes we were under the sea, lol)


7. Lunch in a floating boat

With some acoustics inside! You’ll be treated like Royals in this boat tour ride!


6. Fall in love with Butterflies!

My mother-in-law turned into a beautiful one here at the Butterfly Sanctuary.


5. Test your courage on the Hanging Bridge

IMG_2244 2.jpeg

4. Dolphins Spotting

You’re in boat around morning time and all you have to do is to whistle and wait for the dolphins to come in and out of the water!


3. Island Hopping


2. Tarsier Sanctuary

This cute little one cannot be disturbed so if you go to the Tarsier Sanctuary, stay silent and just be fascinated because they’re only as big as an adult’s man hand! (4-5 inches)


1. Ferry to Cebu

No need to sweat out from buying and reserving online tickets, the ferries are coming and going to Cebu every 1 hour! Cebu is Bohol’s big sister who indulges herself in shopping and whale diving! (wink)


There are also other adventures you can do in Bohol like hiking and lake tours. We only had limited moves because we were with Liam – he cannot ride a zipline yet from one cliff to another. All in all, we had a great wonderful experience in Bohol – for sure we are coming back for more because I’m very much fascinated! Are you?



18 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things To Do in Bohol”

  1. What a comprehensive article with things to do in Bohol! And a perfect timing too. I’m heading there next month and I’m really excited to try out some of the things you mentioned in this article!

  2. Wow surely one I will add to my list. Bohol has so much to offer from natural beauty to activities and good food. Love the chocolate beach and want to try snorkelling so the perfect place. The tree top activities are appealing as well overall a great place to visit.

  3. Wow just look at those dolphins. Chocolate beach sounds fun and I’d love to see if I dare cross the hanging bridge. Is that Liam in the photo at the top with you? what a darling!

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of dolphins! I bet dolphins watching is one of the must-do activities while in the island. The beach is beautiful as well. I want to be there as of right now and jump into that blue water. It’s cold where I’m at now.

  5. Great list of all there is to do in Bohol. Those chocolate hills are fascinating – there’s so many and they’re so uniform. And how amazing to see so many dolphins up close. I also enjoy staying at beautiful beach resorts where you can snorkel. Sounds like even more adventure to come as Liam gets older.

  6. Those “chocolate” hills are amazing, what a shape, like a fairytale landscape! Looks like lots to do, I’d love to visit the butterfly and tarsier sanctuaries, I’ve always loved wildlife parks. The coastline looks beautiful too and yes please to dolphin viewing.

  7. I really hope to visit Bohol if I get to the Philippines again! I love the look of chocolate Hills, and who wouldn’t want to be treated like royalty while having lunch on that floating boat?! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time there! Your little boy will surely have fond memories of Bohol.

  8. The Philippines have moved very high on our travel wish list. I just need to think about planning it. Thanks for adding Bohol to the list. We definitely want to hit the beaches. And head underwater to scuba dive. It would be great to spot dolphins when we visit. We would definitely take the ferry to Cebu for whale diving!!! Looks like a spot to put on the list for sure.

  9. You got me at the blue beaches. Wow! As temperatures drop in the U.S., that beach has my name written on it! I’m impressed at the number of activities available. Dolphin spotting and snorkeling would be my two top picks. I visited the Philippines two years ago and never made it to Bohol. I look forward to going back and checking this slice of paradise.

  10. I am not too keen on the idea of crossing the hanging bridge. Every time I do something like that my husband figures out a way to may it sway far more than is necessary :-). The picture at the Tarsier Sanctuary reminds me of a bush baby, but you can only see those at night.

  11. I am so drawn to the chocolate hills. I love how they are such perfect green mounds. That water is gorgeous. I do not think I am brave enough to walk the hanging bridge, maybe if I watched for a few minutes! Thanks for the great information

  12. Bohol looks incredible!! I’ve heard of the Chocolate hills but I didn’t know that’s where they were. I also love anywhere next to the sea so I’d definitely be up for snorkeling and dolphin spotting!

  13. Bohol looks like a great destination for nature lovers. I would love to see the Chocolate Hills. And I would probably test my courage on the hanging bridge but will be scared to death nonetheless.

  14. I love the picture from Bohol and would love to go there .Maybe even this winter . All the colors looks so fresh and there are lots of things to do. I love the butterflies!

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