TOP 10 Best Places To Go Outside Metro Manila..with KIDS!

Weekend getaway with kids? Let’s drive away from the busy Metro of the Philppines! But wait… let’s figure out first what do the KIDS want to do? 


….do they wanna go hiking?

10. Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales – A historical place with its ruins that’s three hours away from Manila, check out some tour packages here! Plus, you might be surprised with your child’s physical ability to walk a kilometer or two while enjoying the chit-chats with other kid travelers! (if you’re having a toddler, bring a baby carrier not a stroller)


9. Pagsangahan, Quezon – 3 hours away from the city heading east, this is another fulfilling day with the kids! Another hollywood trek as they call it but also challenging – kids will truly enjoy the big rocks and this wooden bridge! (if you’re having a toddler, bring a baby carrier not a stroller)


….do they wanna have some thrilling adventures?

8. Tagaytay, Cavite – Filipinos’ easiest escapade for a total “chill”. This picture was taken at Sky Ranch Tagytay  but there’s a lot more of happy activities to do there horse-back riding, zoo’s  (Tagaytay Zoo) and indoor playplace (Siren’s) your kids will enjoy!


7. Subic, Olongapo – another 3hr drive heading north, if your kids are aiming an experience far more than a playground, then take them to Ocean Adventure Subic! Beach, water sports and Safari, baby!

Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay 025 via
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……do they wanna define another swimming experience?

6. Antipolo, Rizal – I recommend Loreland’s Farm Resort, aside from its stunning city view, it’s a child-friendly community with other entertainments (playground and jungle attractions) aside from swimming pools!



……do they miss playing with sands?

5. Calatagan, Batangas – I highly suggest you to go to Playa Calatagan Acquaria for more peaceful and calming recreational weekend.


4. Alaminos, Pangasinan – another stunning beach from the hometown of one good friend Cathy, it’s 245 KM far from Manila but it’s very rewarding once you get there. Serene – with your kids!😁



3. Alfonso, Cavite –  this place is a hidden magic. We went to Gingerhouse Bread that is 5KM away from the main road (Tagaytay-Alfonso Road) yet along the way, there are a lot of attraction that could be enjoyed by kids like the Reptiland and Elli’s Farm! Just choose your activity!


..or another shopping treats?

2. Sta. Rosa, Laguna – if you’re looking for a Nike Factory Outlet, Oakley Sales or even M&S’ swimwears, go to the old south Sta Rosa! Kids will also enjoy riding a bicycles and feeding Koi fishes after shopping! (Nuvali)


1. Malolos, Bulacan an hour drive from the north of Manila, except from being my hometown, why not come here at the Robinson’s Place and find that Barbie in the Dept Store in a cheaper price? Give them a bonus by taking the kids to Barasoain Church and buy some of our sweet delicacies! (Pastillas and Chicharon’s, yumm)



If you have more suggestions where to go outside the city, let me know by commenting below! I’d love to hear from you and see it with my kids, next time!

Thanks for reading my post!



10 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Places To Go Outside Metro Manila..with KIDS!”

  1. I didn’t know The Philippines was so big. I would probably pick the beach, but the hikes look really nice too. The building in the last photo looks like a pretty neat place. The Gingerbread house looks really neat too. I bet kids would love to see that place.

  2. I am from Subic Bay and I’m so happy to see it in this list! It is really a good place for kids (I spent 21 years of my life there) because the environment is super friendly. One day, if I ever come back and live in the Philippines, I will always choose Subic!

  3. The Philippines is definitely on our travel wish list. I think I would like to visit Mt Pinatubo. Even this big kid would like to visit the water park at Subic. The beaches look great for an escape. But I am sure your kids liked the Gingerbread House better. Thanks for some suggestions for getaways from Manila.

  4. Havent been to P’pines yet and when I do I am thinking about the islands of course. Never really thought of the capital but the thought of hiking nearby (as I am a sucker for hiking) totally appeals to me. Oh and the nearby beaches are good too. 🙂

  5. If I am in the Philippines now, I will choose to see Gingerhouse Bread in Cavite. I heard you guys celebrate Christmas the longest so I know each of places devoted to celebrate this kind of holiday is the grandest 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed visiting the Philippines and there was so much to do. This is a great list for those traveling with kids. Love the shot of the Gingerhouse. Very coo!

  7. All of these activities are so cool! If I had kids, I’d definitely take them to all these places. I love some adventure so Tagaytay sounds fun. Antipolo too, because…swimming pools! 😍

  8. We loved visiting Tagaytay with our kids! And we also enjoyed Subic too, although we didn’t do the Ocean Adventure, we just drove around and looked at the beautiful scenery. We’ll have to check out some of the other places on your list next time we’re in Manila.

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