What 2018 Has Taught Me About Life

2018 is nearly finished! Wow! What are your biggest realisations this year? Normally, it’s my ritual to wrap up the things I’ve learned from the past year and burn it. Since we are in the Information Age, I’ll share it on my blog.

Here are my Top Realisations for this Year.

  1. Having what you need is more important than getting what you want. This is the most ignored sentence but the truest of all. If we desire something and it doesn’t happen, all things get faded. But wake up! There are always a lot more to be thankful about! It happened to us when we planned to get a Visa to Germany for Christmas. We organised everything and DANNNG! It got denied. I was so devastated and things started to be grey. Three nights after being so down, I’ve met a woman who’s visa was granted – but her baby must stay in the Philippines because of the child’s Rheumatic Heart Disease. (Now, you know why it has been on my TOP list)
  2. Patience is a choice. You can wait while being stress, depress and negative. On the other hand, you can wait while being optimistic, doing more productive things and serving others. Whatever you choose, the amount of energy is the same. Live well. Wait well! 
  3. The “Follow your heart” Delusion. I always hear millenials advising another, follow your heart and do what makes you happy. As a woman turning 30, those are all very false. I did it and ended up being devastated more than before. “Lead your heart” – use your mental strength and not your emotional desires because it changes every time. It’s a folly to ONLY do what makes you happy because being happy depends on outside circumstances. Search for “joy” and “love” – and you will see yourself in a better situation. I found mine in having faith in Jesus. No matter what situations occur, I have a joy that’s never fading!
  4. Everybody has a story to tell. The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word “SILENT”. Hear their stories. Be curious. Raise questions.
  5. Move Forward and Get the Better Version of yourself. As iPhones gets newer and more updated version, why don’t you? Learn new languages not gossips. Do some arts and crafts with your friends or kids, cook an unknown dish for your family, go to a place you’ve never been before, write down your 2019 prayers and goals. So many things to learn. So little time! 
  6. Support System. You are not and will never be alone. If you’re a mom, have a day in your week or month to see other mom-friends too! Shared lives are better than secrecy. I have my own Church-group every Tuesday. We’re sharing lives as a mom, a woman and a Christian. Together we share verses from the Bible that we experience in our lives. The best part of sharing are answered and unanswered prayers. 
  7. Accept your share of loosing. I read a quoute long ago that says “Success is climbing to the top and saying, NEXT”! Give chances to others to be number 1 – you should not always be the shiniest star of the universe all the time. Even the sun sets everyday, simply choose to let others rise!

  8. Gratitude. In life’s most troubling moments, if you see your Thank You/Gratitude list from the past, you’ll see how God delivered you through it. Will you stop now? Nope. Not here.
  9. Connect. Old friends? Call them and recall your most special momens together. Sick aunt? Visit her to the hospital. Connect with people. They’ll love you in return and even if they don’t, do it for youself. Im sure your sleep will be better having a happy heart after doing your part.
  10. Pray. Our strength is sometimes loosing. Where will you ask help from? Look up. There’s always a Higher Being out there stronger and wiser than you. He knows better ways than us.

I’ve got heaps of things more to share but I want to read some of yours. Can you share to me your realisation this year? 

What are you hoping for 2019? Let’s welcome our New Year with all the love in the world. Happy Bountiful New Year! 

From, Manuel, Kate and Liam

11 thoughts on “What 2018 Has Taught Me About Life”

  1. I purchased a travel trailer this summer and spent 40 days traveling from California to Texas solo. My best realization is that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for most of the time. I enjoyed reading your list. I do’t think, though, that happiness depends on outside circumstances. It is a choice we make.

  2. I love your tip about choosing to have patience – that is so true. It is all choices. I laugh at the ‘follow your heart’ thing too – because life doesn’t always allow that. Bills need to be paid, jobs done, and life isn’t all sunshine and roses. But your choices can make it so! Have a wonderful 2019.

  3. Always good to look back at a year and see what you have learned. What a great list you have created! Patience is definitely not one of my strengths. It adds far more stress than it should Really listening to others can add so much to your life. My biggest one for 2018 was to slow down and really enjoy the moment. It is not just about the pictures!

  4. This has been a regrouping year for me. Cleaning out absolutely everything and getting rid of baggage. With all my new time from not managing all that stuff I got rid of, I am going to connect and listen more next year. Love the “Lead your heart” realization.

  5. I can’t believe the year is almost over, it has gone by so quickly yet so slow all at once. This past year I have noticed the incredible support system I have and have minimized my life from things of want to things of need. And this next year I hope to be able to listen more with patience and be more grateful and charitable. I can’t wait to see what this new year brings! xo!

  6. Its always good to cum up the year. I appreciate your 2018 and your realizations are truly inspirational. I love when you said follow your heart is delusion. And true, everyone has a story to tell and we need accepting attitude to listen those stories.

  7. I totally agree that patience is a choice. That is definitely something I struggle with, but will be working on in 2019. I love your ‘lead your heart’ motto as opposed to the cliche ‘follow your heart’. I have had very similar issues with the ‘follow your heart’ principle, so you definitely need mental as much as heart.

  8. Have so many realizations this year but the one that struck me the most probably is you can’t depend your happiness to others. Most of the time, I am not aware that when making decisions or when I have something I wanted to do, I don’t realize that I am thinking what others will think of me too much. In the end, I regretted the things that I haven’t done. But I tell myself that this 2019 will be more of just enjoying the journey for me and to not overthink things. Also to learn new things! Thanks for sharing your list!

  9. I totally agree with your sentinent about everyone having a story to tell. That’s one of my favorite things about travel. We meet so many people on our travels, and we get to learn about their stories. It’s absolutely wonderful!

  10. Nice article. I agree with most of the points . We are now in the process of decluttering our home and our life too. So in 2019 we hope to do a lot more slow travelling. Following ones heart is not such a bad thing and this is from me who have always lived by my mind and I feel things may have been more enjoyable had I let my heart rule once in a while.

  11. I can’t agree with you more about everyone has a story to tell. I love when I travel to meet new people and listen to their life stories. Usually you hear very unique and inspiring ones. And yes, follow your heart and work hard for that

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