#MommyStories: How to Keep Your Baby Healthy While Traveling

Liam (1.8 yr) in Taroko George National Park, Taiwan

I gave birth to my second son, Liam on April 3, 2017 – and that year, I also stopped my teaching job. Liam is my second child after 8 years and believe me when I say, long year gaps between children are not advisable because of so many reasons. With Liam, Manuel and I have been traveling more. Before the age of 2, he has already been to six countries and counting! So, with us, going here and there, it’s really challenging how to keep him with his normal healthy routine compare to when we’re just at home and having our full daily schedule.

With my experience flying in and out of the country with Liam, here are some tips I can give you how to keep your baby healthy while traveling.

Liam (1.9 yr) sightseeing the planes of Thailand
  • Stay hydrated. Flying (and long drives) is exciting but we all know how stressful it is queuing up in the family counters and waiting to board in the flight. Let your baby stay hydrated. For me, I always bring Pedialyte for Liam (electrolyte solution for babies) to combat dehydration and replace minerals and vitamins lost in his body. It’s safe and recommendable – even quite young babiescan safely drink 4 to 8 ounces several times a day and to avoid fuzziness and irritability because of fatigue. Ask your Pediatrician about it. 
  • Walk and play. Manuel and I are a team. If we know that something will take a long time such as checking in counters, restaurant orders, we’ll make sure that Liam can take this chance to be out of his stroller or high chair with either one of us to walk and stretch his legs!
Liam (1.5 yr) in Bali
  • Read and Write. Inside my bag, there will be crayons and papers, pop-up books and handy toys. Keep developing his mental skills by reading letters to him and putting together some legos’! 
  • Sliced fruit snacks. Use your divided container to put some snacks like sliced apples, bananas and grapes so your little munchkins can be busy at anytime.
  • Diaper changing time.In the Notes of your phone, log in the time of his last nappy change. This is important especially for baby girls. Sometimes, we are too busy sight-seeing that we forget that they need to be changed not just because of their poopoo!
Liam (1.5yr) in Batangas, Philippines
  • Long Flight Time Changes. This is the hardest part of all but what we’re doing is this: Adjust your clock to the place where you’re going even before the flight and you will have an idea what to do. Let your child rest but follow the time of that country so you and your baby won’t have a hard time with the sleeping and playtime routine once arrived. Wake him up if necessary. 
Liam (1.1 yr) in Hong Kong Trains
  • Be hygienic as possible. We have seen a lot of sick babies in our travel and thank God that Liam is still very healthy even there are a lot of viruses that he can get somewhere. One secret is being hygienic. Wash his hands once you get out of any place (eg airplanes, cars, restaurants). Chances are high in getting unknown bacteria’s especially when we are exposed to crowded places. 
Liam (1.9 yr) in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Wear proper clothes. In Germany, there is a saying goes “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. For us, this is right – for our baby, too. We really have to be informed about the place where we are going, like their weather so we are prepared even in storms.

Liam (8 mos) in Palau Island
  • Bring his baby book. Of course, parents. We have to bring it even if it’s just three days!
  • Be insured.There are a lot of travel agencies offering travel insurances, make sure to sign up your family. It’s cheaper than taking risks – and let’s pray that we won’t use it.
Liam (1.8 yr old) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Did I forget something? You can add suggestions in the comment box! Thanks for reading my post! All in all, we wish you a Bountiful 2019 – from my family to yours! Happy Traveling!

9 thoughts on “#MommyStories: How to Keep Your Baby Healthy While Traveling”

  1. Your baby Liam looks very cute, and it’s awesome that you get to travel so much with him! We can only imagine that it must be tiring to travel with kids (we don’t have kids), but as we get see here in your post it looks like it’s definitely possible. And you’re doing it well! So bravo and keep showing your kids the world! 🙂

  2. Some good tips here. Your baby looks happy and healthy. It’s great you two are able to travel with your kid. The experiences as a family are invaluable.

  3. What a great list of practical tips to help keep your baby safe and well. Good idea about having toys in your bag, and keeping a timing on nappy changes! I hope you and your lovely family have great travels in 2019!

  4. Great tips, sounds like you have traveling with a little one down! I struggle to take care of myself when traveling, can’t imagine being responsible for a baby too!

  5. We totally agree on everything you’ve said….especially the quote “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing” (which is also in Seattle, lol. And on the Travel Insurance….who do you guys use for insurance? We use the Allianz All Trips plan…absolutely love it!

  6. We don’t have to worry about babies at this point in our life. But at some time, grandkids might come along. So a bunch of good reminders. I would never have thought to log diaper time. Keeping lots of things to keep the kids entertained helps everyone. The other tip is about flying with kids. Their ears just don’t adjust like adults do. Make sure they have something to drink during ascent and descent. If old enough, give them gum or candies.

  7. Those are some helpful tips for a hassle free travel with a baby. Now that my kids have grown up I had forgotten quite a few of these. Good that you are able to travel with such a small kid.

  8. Those are some great tips to travel with a baby. Your baby is super cute. Carrying his baby book, changing diapers on time, wearing proper clothes, knowing the apt temperature of the place you are visiting surely helps. We still don’t have a baby but once we have and we are travelling with him; we are going to follow the mentioned pointers.

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