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The Most Beautiful Marble – Taroko Gorge National Park

One of the highlights on our recent trip to Taiwan was the most beautiful Taroko George National Park. We saw this gorgeous National Park on a Travel Channel and so we decided to spend our next holiday here.

From Taipei, we went to Hualien County by the Bullet train approximately 2 hours (162 KM) and as you know, Taiwan boasts its most outstanding transportation system, from the high-speed railway to subway trains.

So, here are the chronicles of the stunning Taroko George National Park. I will narrate just some of the important points of this 9,000-hectare property of Taiwan’s one of nine’s National Park.

Basically, the National Park is all about mountains, shallow rivers, George, marbles, mysterious rock formations, stories and tourists. Taroko Gorge and its surrounding area are well known for their abundant supply of marble, leading to its nickname, “The Marble Gorge”.  

Welcome, to the Tunnel of Nine Turns!

This is the first part from the Taroko George National Park – Taroko (formally TRUKU) means “human being” in Truku Tribe. This National Park was established during the Japanese Reign in Taiwan, 1937. After World War II and the defeat of Japan, they have abolished the park as Taiwan has been conquered by China. The National Park has been established again in 1986.

Climbing to the Temple to ring the bell and to see the full horizon of where we are in…

Trekking down to pay tribute to the place called Eternal Shrine – dedicated to the 212 workers who have died in re-establishing the National Park.

This is the part of Qingshu Cliff. Surrounded by the mountains of 2,000 meter high above sea level, the cliff is boasting about its high waves and proud turquoise ocean.

From the high up mountains, Taroko will take you down to its Luwi River Trekking – known as Shakadang Trail – wherein you’ll have the full view of the long run of its waters. So calm and peaceful it is.

…..and back to the Grotto again – and you won’t regret it. This place makes me speechless about nature. As a believer of a Creator, I even admire His artworks more. It’s just so alive, speaking and giving glory to the Hand who made it.

Tips before Going to Taroko George National Park

  • Sunrise or sunset gives you the most instagrammable shot. Choose your schedule wisely.
  • There are coffee shops and restaurants – you’ll never go hungry here plus – knowing Taiwan (wink).
  • You can bring your baby’s stroller – you should!
  • Family Friendly/Baby Friendly Trekking Tour – unless you’re a license mountain climber, then you could go higher than most tourists.
  • Bring a mosquito repellant.

This was one of the most remarkable moments I’ve spent with Manuel and Liam. Taroko George is just filled with awestruck wonders and mystery – the winds, the sounds of the river, the marbles and the caves – really left me speechless. – we will be back here for sure one day and I know Taroko will just keep waiting…

Thanks for reading my post. Share your thoughts! Love, Kate

16 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Marble – Taroko Gorge National Park”

  1. How wonderful to trek through the Marble Gorge. It looks amazing and I can see why you went to the Grotto twice. Also wonderful to see that it’s family friendly. Taiwan is full of such natural and cultural wonders.

  2. Taiwan is on our travel wish list. Now I have another reason to add to the list. I love the views over the deep gorges. I am a bit of a rock geek. Love to see the layers of rock and the wavy lines that show how the earth moves. So fascinating to find a temple in the middle of the Taroko Gorge National Park. Looks like a lovely spot to visit.

  3. Taroko George National Park is absolutely gorgeous! The picture of the milky white shallow stream snaking through the marble cliffs is so mesmerizing. I am so glad this place lets you take your children on strollers and they have baby friendly trek tours because your kids seem to have enjoyed every minute there 🙂

  4. I have been seeing so many beautiful pictures from Taiwan lately. The marble gorge looks absolutely beautiful and the temple in the middle of the park is lovely as well.

  5. What a beautiful park. The beauty of nature is so amazing. I think you made an a excellent decision to visit there. So neat that you could right the temple bell. It’s so neat to see the marble in it’s natural state and not on a floor somewhere. Just beautiful. PS Your baby is so cute.

  6. What I super love about Taiwan is that it is a place of countless nature parks. I have visited Tarogo Gorge National Park five years ago. So much has changed, wow! Happy to know a baby slash kid friendly destination. We brought our little tots but have to go back halfway because of many inconveniences. Glad those are all gone now.

  7. Looks like the next vacation spot for me and my family.. Nice post Kate ! I especially like the fact that it is located in a mountain where there’s a view of the ocean. And the Grotto that can be explored! Amazing view!!!

  8. Amazing sights in the Tarako National park. The layers in the rock is amazing. The story of dedication of shrine to mine workers is touching. Great pictures and interesting post.

  9. Your post and beautiful photos of Taroko Gorge NP have just put Taiwan on my bucket list. So many impressive views! The Tunnel of Nine Turns looks absolutely mesmerizing.

  10. Oh wow! The Marble Gorge and Tunnel of Nine Turns looks like true natural wonders! These views are absolutely astounding. And, it looks like the three of you had an absolute blast!

  11. I went here on a motorbike from Hualien City and I definitely loved it! It was so easy to drive around as Taiwan is known to be a motorcycle-friendly country. I am amazed on how you managed to travel with your baby. It’s something I can’t imagine doing (not a mom yet) but seeing other people do it makes me feel I can do it, too!

  12. Oh my gosh, so many interesting facts here. wow, such a stunning place & you photograph it so well. Thanks for the creative post!

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