First Time in Taipei? Here Are The Suggestions For What You Can Do.

Taiwan has always been on my dream because my mother has worked here for several years. Plus, I wanted to see the rich Chinese-influenced culture and different Asian environment in this small yet confident country BUT because of Taiwan’s roughness against the Philippine Passport Holders, it has been always on my waiting list. UNTIL the news has announced that, we now can enjoy 14 – days FREE TOURIST VISA (until July 31, 2019) in Taiwan! Yuhooo – then, last Christmas 2019, my dream has become a beautiful reality. 

It’s our first time in Taipei and here’s what we did! Is it your first time, too? Then, here are the suggestions of what you can do:

Visit the world famous Taipei 101

It was the TALLEST BUILDING in the world back in 2004 – until Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been built in 2009.

See the monument of the great late President Chiang Kai Shek

Taiwan has one of the most complicated political power systems in the world – they have four faces of Democracy and thanks to their great General Chiang Kai Shek for his democratic legacy. For more info about Taiwan’s Government System, click here

Late Night Markets

Who can resist the cheap authentic Chinese foods and cute little nothings??

Go to the Taipei 101 Observatory Deck

and learn one of the most interesting histories ever built!!! (I’ll have another blog about this, just so very intriguing)

Walk at the City Parks..and streets!

What I love about most about Taipei is their reservation of trees and parks inside the city!

Have a Day Tour at the Suburbs

There are a lot of day tours from Taipei for a day or two – directly from hotel pick up and drop off – and you won’t regret leaving Taipei for hours!

Shop at Taiwan Square

The NY Square of Asia! Spend your night here hunting street foods, milktea and shopping!!

Dine in the Modern Toilet Restaurant

If Liam can digest the poo foods here, you can, too!

Taipei Zoo 

This was actually a treat for Liam for being so cooperative to all our family holidays. He is very happy, he just doesn’t show it!

Eat at the Top of the World at YEN Taipei

Make sure you have a reservation and get ready to taste the authentic flavours of Taiwan in style!

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Pratical Tips!

  • For instagrammable shots, be sure to book on summer season (June – August).
  • You can buy a tourist sim for 10 days so you can turn on your 4G all the time for maps and places to go, you can find it before exiting the airport.
  • If you’re in Taiwan, dress like a Taiwanese (esp for ladies). You will know what I mean when you get there! You don’t wanna be left behind, do you? (wink)
  • Taipei is a stroller-friendly city, walkways are just spaciously awesome!
  • Transportation in Taiwan? The best in Asia. Bullet trains, subways, they’ve got everything. Uber and Taxis are not recommendable (costly!)
  • For the experience of real authentic hand-made Chinese foods, go to local eateries and not the fancy ones in the shopping mall.

Click here to see one of Taiwan’s Best Provinces!

Do you have any travel stories you want to share? Feel free to email me so we could talk about it! Thanks for reading my post! See you in Chiang Mai, next!



Greetings from the streets of Taiwan

11 thoughts on “First Time in Taipei? Here Are The Suggestions For What You Can Do.”

  1. We have never visited Taipei. So I was interested in reading this post. It is good that they opened up access so you could visit. We have visited the Burj Khalifa. So it would be a treat to see the Taipei 101. Late night markets are always great to visit in Asia. But I might enjoy eating at the Top of The World better. Thanks for the great introduction.

  2. Tall buildings with incredible views and night markets are always winners. Taiwan Square looks incredible and the toilet restaurant screams Instagram me. What a great trip

  3. This is so much fun. I’m excited because I’ll be visiting Taiwan for the first time in April. I can’t wait to explore the food. May consider eating at the Top of the World 🙂 Can’t get over the toilet restaurant and the realistic poo desserts. We might have to make a detour to see that! Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait!!

  4. I would love to visit Taipei and eat all the delicious food! Although you lost me at the poo food at the toilet restaurant!! I’d love to go up the Taipei 101 tower – what a view!

  5. So much to see in one town. What an experience. Not sure about the poo food though. My grandsons would love it though. The beach looks beautiful and I really love walking though markets. So much to see.

  6. We have direct flights now to Taipei so it is high on my list. I didn’t think it would have so much to do. Anywhere that has a LOVE sign is a great place to visit 😉

  7. Haha that toilet restaurant is bizarre!! I think I would stick to the food in the night markets 😀 I’m so glad you got to visit without worrying about visas, it is such a pain trying to sort out all the paperwork!

  8. So glad that the visa issue is resolved, look where it took you already! 🙂
    Would love to go around the night market, that’s always a nice idea if one wants to meet local traditions and tastes. On the other hand, as much as it seems fun to stroll along Taipei streets and parks, that view from the observation deck is just stunning. That would probably be a must for me. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Love your photos, by the way. 🙂

  9. I love Taipei and its food. The Takoro Gorge is breathtaking. I hold a Vietnamese passport so visa to Taiwan is a bit of hassle. It was worth it anyways!

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