We’ve entered a COUNTRY in Asia WITHOUT A PASSPORT!

Yes. You’ve read it right. We’ve entered a COUNTRY in Asia WITHOUT A PASSPORT!

From “The Golden Triangle of Asia” where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet separated by the Mekong river, there was an infamous place called a “No Man’s Island.”


BUT gone are the days where it has been a spot for a very popular opium trade and production, lawless deeds and prostitution when the THREE COUNTRIES were yet undecided whose ISLAND it is. Today, it has been settled hat the special island is part of….. LAOS.

Our boat ride got us into this special island -Now, it’s a touristic market and park full of animal medicines, liquors and loads and loads of fake branded clothes and bags. It’s a special dry market for tourists. Just a little funny because the Island belongs to Laos but most products came from Thailand and the workers are from Myanmar.

You can relax while drinking a cup of brewed coffee or refreshing coconut juice and see the beautiful scenery from the Golden Triangle. From the viewpoint of Laos, you will see the three neighbouring countries, the Mekong river and the hilly landscape with its small villages and hilltop temples.

All in all, we felt strange for the first time stepping in the land of a country in Asia without our passports. Knowing Asia, we were expecting long queues and angry immigration officers but we were mistaken. Everyone is friendly – and happy to be in this special place. 

How to Get there?

The Golden Triangle is in the Northeast of Chiang Rai Thailand. Normally you can enter the Special Island from a tour agency – so they can represent their registered business on your behalf. Otherwise, there will be a long drama from a bus to Mae Sai, Chiang Rai to Golden Triangle Park by bus – then bargaining your price for a boat.

Does it get you interested? Thanks for reading my post! See you next time!

10 thoughts on “We’ve entered a COUNTRY in Asia WITHOUT A PASSPORT!”

  1. Always interesting to see how property boundaries change over time. I am sure it did feel weird to not need your passports. A little sad to hear that most of the products for sale do not come from Laos. But a good tip to know that there is less hassle if you enter with a tour company.

  2. I did this same tour years ago. The Golden Triangle of Asia was a fun day visiting all three countries. Did you try the scorpion alcohol? I didn’t – couldn’t stomach it! I hope the bear is not still there.

  3. Oh interesting that you didn’t need your passports. I didn’t know that there’s an island which was not a part of any country in the old days and are now included in Laos. I’ve been to Thailand but haven’t done Burma and Laos so the Golden Triangle of Asia sounds like something that should be in my bucket list. Good to know that the people on this little island were friendly and nice!

  4. Good to know that “No Man’s Island” belongs to Laos now and people are very friendly there. The fact that they don’t require a passport to let you on this island is kind curious, considering how uptight authorities in Asia are. I’d love to visit this place someday.

  5. We heard about No Man’s Land when visiting Laos earlier this year. Wish we would have had the chance to visit. Reading your article is quite interesting, including the lack of requiring a passport. Next time we are back in the region, we will be sure to visit.

  6. How fascinating. Never heard of this place before. Sounds like it has an interesting history and could be a unique place to spend a day in

  7. Very interesting and surprising you don’t need a passport and I’m surprised to read it’s considered Laos but workers are from Myanmar and products from Thailand.

  8. I have heard of the Golden Triangle but I have never heard of this island. It’s very cool that it functions through the diversity of the three countries that’s on its vicinity. I would love to visit there too someday. I’m only missing two ASEAN countries, Myanmar and Laos, maybe I should visit the Golden Triangle to put an end to my last two nations 🙂

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