Top 10 Things You Can Do in Koh Chang Thailand

If you are searching for inner peace away from the busy cities, Koh Chang might be the best place to splash away your old groggy self. Surrounded by the blindingly turquoise water and green sceneries, luxurious resort hotels and unlimited create-your-own-activities, I believe you would come back in Koh Chang for more. About 350 KM away from Bangkok, you can arrive at  Koh Chang by either flying, driving (and a boat) and by ship.


My parents-in-law from Germany visited us in Asia for the second time. Thailand is just an awesome country to be missed – so we hit our 10-day holiday in one of the best Family Islands down in the east of Bangkok – it’s another paradise called “Koh Chang.”

Here are the Top 10 Things We Did in Koh Chang, Thailand


10. We rested well enough at our chosen Santhiya Resort, Koh Chang.                                                                      

9. We did a Cooking Lesson

Koh Chang has its own taste of Pad Thai, Tom Yam and Som Tam. 


8. We motorbiked the whole island

and has stopped to some Instagrammable spots!



7. We shopped at the Street Markets

in a touristic price at first but you can know how far your bargaining skills can reach….


6. The obligatory massage and fish spa!

It’s a must to your vacation wherever in Thailand!


5. He dived!

 my partner, Manuel is doing it to every holidays we have. 


4. We hopped on to cool Restos’

Greek, reggae-themed and traditional thai? Hmmm. You can choose what’s right for your appetite!



3. We beached!

I can’t get over it! The silence, the waters and the freshest air breezing on your hair.. 


2. He went fishing 

You can ask your hotel about their fishing program but you can also inquire outside it for a better price.. maybe same experience?


1. We enjoyed Koh Chang to the fullest

You can hop on to other islands – but for us, we chose to stay in Koh Chang and waited for each sunsets.. 


C: Santhiya Beach Resort



  1. Best time to go for a perfect summer weather? November to April
  2. Having a baby? Bring your stroller – roads are stroller-friendly.
  3. Don’t locked yourself in your hotel – explore outside for varieties of foods and services!
  4. Elephant Tourism is not cool. I highly advise you not to do it. (Let me explain it on my next post)
  5. TukTuk is like a pick up truck – bargain all you can just because!                       

Koh Chang is the Third Largest Island in Thailand – staying here for more than a week is not enough. I’m missing the orange sunsets, cool breeze and the quiet evenings we’ve had here – I totally found peace and refreshments I needed to bring to the city. 

Thanks for reading my post! See you in Bangkok, soon!



15 thoughts on “Top 10 Things You Can Do in Koh Chang Thailand”

  1. For me I would love to check out the beach and do nothing in Koh Chang. Havent hit up Thailand yet but hope to do this on my first visit to the country. Koh Chang really does look like a nice place with quite a few things to do and see.

  2. This is a part of Thailand we missed. But I would definitely be drawn by blindingly turquoise waters. Taking a motor bike around the island sounds like a fun way to see it. But we really would want to head underwater! Definitely a spot for a return trip to Thailand.

  3. Koh Chang looks so relaxing. I haven’t visited Thailand yet, but this sounds like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the many instagrammable spots on the island! I agree with you – avoid elephant tourism!

  4. Very exotic and beautiful! I’m impressed with all the colors — both manmade and natural. Nothing can beat that gorgeous blue sky and water!

  5. Kohn Chang looks like an ideal vacation.That infinity pool at the resort looks spectacular. I haven’t been to that area of Thailand yet, will have to make sure to do so on my next visit.

  6. I’ve been to Thailand a couple of times but have not done any traditional beach vacations. Kohn Chang looks like the perfect place to get away and relax. The white sands are quite appealing and I love the way you describe the vibe. Thanks for putting it on my radar for my next Thailand trip.

  7. I have traveled Thailand a couple times. I am in love with Thailand. Once I traveled Thailand for a month and half and have visited a large number of Thai islands. But I haven’t been to Koh Chang. Although I have heard of its beauty. And now your post have confirmed all I have heard about it.
    Next winter I might go back to Thailand and will check out Koh Chang this time!

  8. I have visited Thailand twice, but I haven’t made it to Koh Chang yet. I can agree with you, no trip to Thailand can be done without taking a massage. Scuba diving is my favourite activity and I am sure if I go there I would go for diving

  9. Motorbiking the whole island sounds really interesting! I remember we did the same in Baguio last February, and I can only imagine how it feels like doing it in a foreign land (like Thailand). Looks exciting! 🙂

  10. I am a great fan of Thailand. I have been there many times and love iove its beaches, culture and food.Koh Chang defintely lives upto its reputation. :0

  11. How fun! Motor biking the island sounds amazing! You guys did so many cool things it looks beautiful there!

  12. Wow! looks like you guys had so much fun there. Planning to head off to Thailand by next month and will surely visit Koh Chang. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. Happy Travelling!

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