TOP 10 Things To Do in Bangkok with KIDS


The city name itself sounds vibrant and exciting!

I’ve never thought of moving to Bangkok until my partner, Manuel, has got a project here. This is the first time we’ve moved to abroad as a family and I can say it’s fully rewarding  and challenging. Rewarding especially seeing your kids trying to be polite by speaking Thai and challenging because Bangkok is not really a kid-friendly city (emphasizing our struggle with the buggy, train connections and some “adult entertainments” going on around.)


Moving on, these are the TOP 10 PLACES in Bangkok we recommend for you…and your kids!

Disclaimer: My children are 9 and 2 – we’ve traveled with them at the places below and sure they’ve been so glad experiencing different places with us in Bangkok. I’m into more of a culture-traveler, so only few “commercial places” you would see.

1. Safari World Bangkok

One of the best spots to enjoy safari animals your kids will love! They can feed the giraffes with their hands and get  a little closer to the cage of lions!

2. Fish Spa and Massage!

Even my 2-year old kid had a lot of fun! You can find it everywhere but our favorite is in Sukhumvit 10!


3. Chatuchak and Lumpini Park

Bangkok boasts about huge parks with playgrounds, picnic areas and  geckos and birds to be fed! 


4. Siam Sea World

One of my favorites! learn about sea life while being amuse at all their movements!


5. Thai Street Foods!

The most famous for Thai Food tasting is in Sukhumvit 38! (For the record…my 2-year old didn’t eat the scorpion)


6. Dinner Cruise

What about a calm evening smiling at the city? Choose your date and budget here.


7. Floating Market

Best Thai Markets in Bangkok! Click here!
It’s the best time to talk about gratefulness…


8. Rooftop Restaurants

After walking the whole day (maybe) treat your children at some rooftop restaurants so they can have a view how gorgeous the city they are in now! This rooftop restaurant was taken at Icon Siam, where we watched a Fountain Show at sunset. 


9. Shopping Malls

Terminal 21, Siam Paragon, Central World – what is Bangkok without shopping for you and the kids? A sweet elephant wallet will do!


10. Hop on Hop Off!

It can be a boat, bus or even Tuk Tuk!

Click this for your choice to your favorite Bangkok Spots!


Have you been to Bangkok? Share your stories!

Thank you for reading my post! 



11 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things To Do in Bangkok with KIDS”

  1. Bangkok is just not a place I have thought of as kid-friendly, but clearly I was wrong – there is actually quite a lot for them to do! Thanks for sharing this guide which I will gladly pass on to friends with children who might be considering a visit!

  2. I will have to save this. This is great even without kids. I would love to visit the park and floating market.

  3. Bangkok is such a cool city to explore! The floating markets are my favorite part! xo – Kam

  4. Bangkok seems to have quite a few family and kid friendly things to do. The Lumpini Park appeals as a nature space, but I’m all about the street food and that awesome Floating Market! What a great spot to try all kinds of new and interesting foods. Though I’d pass on the friend scorpions.

  5. I have never been to Bangkok so no stories to tell. I can say, however, that this Top 10 List looks like an absolute blast. I would definitely give that scorpion a bite when I’m there! Such a bustling busy city like that, I can understand why it wouldn’t be so kid friendly. Kudos to you for making it work!

  6. We did mostly the temples when we visited Bangkok. I am sure that Safari World and Siam Sea World was a bigger hit with kids. I would have loved the shade of the Lumpini Park. But we are so sorry we missed the floating markets. A good one to save for next time.

  7. I haven’t been to Bangkok yet, but would love to visit someday. I keep hoping my husband will get another project in that part of the world. We have always traveled with out kids. Sometimes they see things they should not though. It’s part of the world. I would love to see the safari and aquarium, just to see the local animals. The market on the waterway is so interesting to me as well. I hope your family has fun in Bangkok and that it will be a grand adventure.

  8. What a beautiful place to visit. You had me at dinner cruise! I love Thailand.

  9. I’m glad to see so many kid-friendly options in Bangkok. I’ve never tried one of those fish spas, but I’d love to! The aquarium looks fun for adults too!

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