Top 10 Things To Do in Palau Island

While searching in Google Map where can we have our first Christmas together with our baby, my partner and I saw a small island near the Philippines. I always thought it was just another island in the Pacific that is inhabitable but I was wrong. We zoomed the island and wow, it's the Republic of… Continue reading Top 10 Things To Do in Palau Island


Our Jungle Adventure in Malaysia 

Taman Negara is located in Pahang, Malaysia and is the oldest tropical rainforest aging 130 million years old!! It is offering a full-blown eco-escapade experience to outdoor lovers! Anyway, we had a blast during our 3D2N adventure in the Jungle of Taman Negara. Here's sharing the chronicles of our experiences during our little escapade:  … Continue reading Our Jungle Adventure in Malaysia 

My Halal Celebration

“I was privileged enough to be invited to a Saudi Arabian National Holiday. I was blown away by the experience, extravagance, and the hospitality. There were plenty of foods, music, dancing and mingling!” When I was in my early 20's, I wanted to be a flight attendant - until I flew fourteen times in one… Continue reading My Halal Celebration

The Streets of Yangon 2016

I taught and lived in Yangon for more than 6 months. I am a very outgoing person - I always want to walk outside after my work is finished. I want to observe, penetrate and engage to a certain country's (where I'm at) character. Nothing moves me (so far) deeply than seeing the people in… Continue reading The Streets of Yangon 2016

“You’re so Gucci, Singapore”

I have a friend from California - and that's her expression every time she is seeing something fancy. Having been in Singapore for a week, yes I can now use this term, too! Flying from Vietnam to Singapore takes 3.5 hours. Come, join me and let's  experience the other side of life from the Hua… Continue reading “You’re so Gucci, Singapore”

From Saigon to Ha Giang – Trudging the road from the south to the northest north of Vietnam. 

Xin Chao! Welcome to Vietnam! A country full of stunning, historical places, genuine people, century-old culture and incredible foods!!!! Beaches, mountains, cities, temples, deep deep caves, jungles, small islands and all! Here are the places you can include in your bucket list when thinking to see the land of the Viets!! 1. Saigon (Ho Chi… Continue reading From Saigon to Ha Giang – Trudging the road from the south to the northest north of Vietnam. 

Thailand, My First Story

December 2013, my first flight away from my country. Alone with a very low budget, I applied for my TEFL online course (Teaching English as Foreign Language) and by God’s amazing grace, I got a full scholarship from a Christian Foundation in Chiang Rai, Thailand ( Little did I know, this step will change my… Continue reading Thailand, My First Story